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A Special Note:  While the information below generally applies, Jason has been incredibly busy this year.  Besides teaching group classes, running summer camps, and conducting exclusive private lessons, he was one of the head coaches who brought the PS 166 chess team to multiple victories at the 2014 National Elementary School Chess Championships.  Jason’s time is now quite limited, and he no longer has the flexibility to suit all schedules.  We encourage potential students to contact him about the hours that remain available for this academic year.

The Benefits of Chess

Every move that we make in life has consequences, and the same is true for chess. In both, every move should have a clear purpose that advances a plan toward a goal, whether the aim is making breakfast or mapping out a college career. Everyone who learns the game can develop skills in the areas of logic, focus, strategic planning, and critical thinking. This is training that can be directly applied to all professional and scholastic endeavors.

Learning chess has special bonuses for children. They will show improved self-discipline and confidence in decision-making. Noisy or overactive children become quiet and focused for long periods; those who are timid or withdrawn learn to socialize and communicate more freely with their peers in a safe, peaceful environment. Chess is officially recognized as a sport by the International Olympic Committee, a fact that has earned full university sports scholarships for two of our students. Also, attendance at chess tournaments will instill the virtues of timeliness, preparation, and organization.

The Advantages of Private Lessons

What works best for you?  Private lessons offer the flexibility to choose:

              YOUR hours:    Any time from 9AM to 9PM
              YOUR days:        Available seven days a week
              YOUR place:     We teach anywhere you prefer.
              YOUR level:     We teach only the needed skills.
              YOUR pace:     We will progress only as you do.

Our private lessons are one-to-one, hourly sessions that build up all the knowledge and skills you need to play chess.  We customize our study plans to fit the needs of each student.  Our training techniques include the use of books, video, software, and other audiovisual aids (for one example, we find that flash cards help our youngest students).  New to chess or an expert, we can train you to your level of peak performance.

Group Chess Tutoring
Group lessons were designed with scholastic teams in mind, but we found that these lessons work well for two or more students from any setting. You and your friends can learn together, practice together, and compete together at tournaments. Offered at a discounted rate based on your group size.
Training for Competition
This is elite training for players who are determined to excel, offered by the CEO himself. Jason will arrange a weekly block of training sessions that teach you the sharpest openings and defenses in today’s chess. His mission is to build strengths and eliminate the weaknesses in your game. This package includes traveling to tournaments with you both to provide on-the-spot analysis for your games and to help you prepare for your opponents.
Jason tries hard to accommodate all requests.  However, only limited spots are available for chess training in 2014-15.

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