Recent Successes

  Our top student, Harry Heublum (pictured right), defeated Grandmaster Manuel León Hoyos in a Rapid chess game at the 2012 US OPEN.  Hoyos, who eventually won the main tournament, had a USCF rating of 2673.  He is the number one ranked player in Mexico and the current Mexican chess champion.  GM Hoyos opened with 1.e4, and Harry played a French Defense.  Rated 700 points lower, Harry put forth a great effort and won the game in 30 moves.  Harry finished the main tournament in 18th place out of 200 and missed a cash prize by only half a point.  Harry’s rating has risen over 300 points in the last year, and he is on course to gain a Master title.  Harry has also been offered a chess scholarship to Webster University.

  Ciano Chess enjoyed success at the 2012 WORLD OPEN.  One of our students won cash for 4th prize in the UNDER 1800 section, and I placed 1st in my category, taking home a prize of $1690.00.

  Last summer, another student (rated 1700) achieved a 2050 FIDE rating in 18 games.

 One of my young female students recently won 220 rating points in a single tournament.

  Another Ciano Chess student raised his rating over 100 points to 1796 at the 2012 National High School championship.  UPDATE: This student is now rated over 2000 and is headed for a Master title.

•  Our adult students have also done well.  One of them who only recently began competitive play reached a 1200+ rating in just four months.

•  Sasha (pictured right) had a 1st place finish last summer, and yes, he won that huge trophy, too!

•  Ciano Chess sent four children to the 2013 Super Nationals; they came home with five trophies, including a National Champion Team trophy.  Also, one of our female students was a top scorer.

 Took over as instructor for Nathan Lu (age 8). In only three months, Nathan has gained 400 points.

•  I am a Head Chess Coach for PS 166.  They are now the NYC Chess Champions of 2014.

•  PS 166 won 2nd place at the 2014 National Elementary Championships in Dallas, Tx. They also took home a boatload of other prizes, and we cheer these students for their hard-won victories! Read the full story here.

  Win or lose, Ciano Chess is proud of all of its students.  Learning to master the royal game takes study, and watching our players progress has been immensely rewarding.  Thanks to all of you for your dedication!

Jason tries hard to accommodate all requests.  However, only limited spots are available for chess training in 2014-15.

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